John Pownall's 300km Ride Q&A

A little while ago, John Pownall attempted and smashed out his for 300km ride! We asked John how experience was and how he fuelled himself throughout the ride.


TN:What products did you use during the ride?

JOHN: Naturafuel, Clif Bars, Dates and lots, and lots of H20!

TN: How did you find the nutrition?

JOHN: The nutrition was great. It was my first (proper) long ride on Naturafuel and its energy delivery is so smooth!

TN: How often were you using the nutrition during the course of the day?

JOHN: I used around 3 bottles of Naturafuel over the 300km, so roughly 100km per bottle. I could have used another 1 or even 2, especially with the 45deg heat we experienced!

TN: How was the gut feel during the ride?

JOHN: Gut felt perfect, as always!

TN: How was the mouth feel during the ride?

JOHN: Naturafuel really makes you crave more water, which is such a good thing in those extreme conditions! Taste was on point.

TN: From your experience, what are the benefits of using liquids over solids?

JOHN: Of course the most obvious is the lack of heavy feeling that you get from solid food. Liquid also absorbs far quicker and gives you what you need.

TN: From your experience, what are the benefits of using products without synthetics?

JOHN: No stomach issues and of course they’re better for your long term health. The majority of athletes that I speak with really only think about the short term gains and performance. I want to still be climbing mountains and riding my bike when I’m 80 or 90, so longevity performance is also in my mind and this is why I stick to nearly all natural fuels.

TN: How was your recovery?

Immediately after:

JOHN: Legs felt great. I was just a little fatigued from the heat!

Day after:

JOHN: Fantastic. Just catching up on food and water intake.

TN: What products did you use for recovery?

JOHN: Revive and Rebuild. Revive straight after the ride and Rebuild the day after and the day after that. One per day is plenty. Our bodies really don’t require excessive amounts of protein even in a heavy recovery period like this. One shake per day of Rebuild I find works well.

Not long after this amazing feet John attempted Strava's #FESTIVUS500 (500km Straight) and this Q&A will be coming soon!

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