Behind the scenes at Temple HQ

Behind the scenes at Temple HQ

As you all know, Temple Nutrition is a new business on the Australian market. Besides this all being really exciting, it is also a rollercoaster that brings along a lot of multi tasking. Who would have thought that having a business in sports nutrition and whole foods would mean you’re building a photo-box from recycled wood pallets on a Saturday afternoon? But what needs to be done needs to be done, so we got together and made it happen.

behind the scenes 2
behind the scenes 1

We are learning so many new skills and we figured: why not share them with you in a behind the scenes blog? Last Saturday we had a very busy day with both new products launching soon and the ending of the Running Heroes campaign. Getting all hands on deck from our Temple clan we spend the day at TN HQ running around from outside photo shoots to inside packing over 250 Runner Taster Packs for all the Running Heroes winners next to the normal orders. With some extra help and a few strokes of creative luck we pulled it all together and had fun while working.

behind the scenes 3
behind the scenes 4

We were lucky the weather held up and the cloudy morning gave way to some blue skies. This helped with the photo shoot as we were relying on natural lighting from our big ball in the sky. When the background was set up, it all came together pretty quickly. All products were lined up to get their moment in the spotlight.

That weekend we launched a few brand new products with one of them being our Whole Super Greens blend; with a mixture of everything green it is set to make for a great detox or meal replacement additive. We are very excited to expand our range of products, so jump onto the site and see what’s newly available for you to enjoy.

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