Electrolyte - Potassium (K+)

If sodium is Yin, then potassium is Yang. Potassium is the major electrolyte inside your bodies cells, it is hugely important for controlling your bodies muscle function and regulates the rhythm of the heart.

Potassium is the second half of the electrical pump that keeps electrolyte equilibrium and allows conductivity between cells. It is a critical part of neutron transmission.

Fruits and vegetables are good sources of potassium, with the banana being the most popular source. The balance between potassium and sodium is essential for proper balance within the body. We tend to neglect vegetables that are potassium rich and load up on the intense flavours of added salt. Imbalance of potassium and sodium can lead to the risk of hypertension, heart disease and in worse states, stoke.

Potassium deficiency is common and is often caused by loss of water from severe vomiting and/or diarrhoea. Minor cases of this can cause muscle weakness and cramping, although severe cases can be as deadly and must be treated immediately.

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