Guilt Free Chia Protein Pudding

Do you ever feel like a after dinner snack or feel like something more substantial than a protein shake after a workout? This Chia Seed based protein pudding makes a quick and delicious, guilt free way of incorporating more protein into you diet.


- 2 x scoops (35g Each) Rebuild Protein Natural
- 4 x tbsp Chia Seeds
- 2 x tsp Raw Cacao Powder
- 2 x tbsp Organic Honey


 - Simply add all the ingredients into a bowl (preferably one that can fit easily in the    fridge)
- Next add filtered water or coconut water till the mixtures consistency is thick but is still runny. 

 - Put mixture in the fridge over night (Chia Seeds absorb up to 10 times their weight in liquid so this will bring you pudding to a cake like consistency) Click here for Chia Seed Egg Substitute Recipe
- Once set, remove from fridge and enjoy.

This mixture makes approximately 3 medium bowls.

We love to top our Protein Puddings with fresh blueberries and walnuts :)

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