Are you having trouble to stay on track with your food intake whilst training? And find yourself with that eternal good vs evil internal battle when you go to look for a ‘healthier snacking option?

Fear Not because snacking isn’t necessary a bad thing, if done properly. If you snack on the right foods, in small portions, they can actually help you get through to your next substantial meal. Snacking on a handful of the right kind of nuts, vegetable sticks or seeds with a big glass of water will usually get you through.

For a sweeter tooth, these delicious Raw Chocolate Blissy Balls will satisfy that sweet craving, as well as curbing hunger, aiding in muscle repair and giving you sustainable boost of energy.

Follow the recipe below and you'll find yourself feeling a little less guilty for eating a little more sweet.


1/2 Cups: Almond meal (or nut meal of your choice)
2 Tbsp: Temple Nutrition Cacao powder
2 Tbsp: Temple Nutrition Rebuild Natural
24 Chopped Dates (soak dates in filtered water for 20 minutes to reduce sugar content)
2 Tsp: Cinnamon
2 Tbsp: Temple Nutrition Chia Seeds
Enough shredded coconut for the outside.

Blend mixture together while adding small amounts of water, blend till the mixture has a sticky consistency.

Separate mixture into even balls (usually a tbsp for each portion) and roll your balls in shredded coconut.

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