Naturalyte - Orange

Naturalyte - Orange
Naturalyte - Orange

Naturalyte - Orange



Naturalyte is the perfect electrolyte packed sports drink; it has all the essential vitamins and minerals to keep you hydrated during exercise. Naturalyte has been specifically designed as an adaptogenic electrolyte first and foremost and not only allows your body to adapt to its environment with the added Schizandra Berry but also gives your body the fuel it needs, in the form it knows best.

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  • Real food ingredients
  • Absolutely no artificial flavours or colouring's
  • No added refined sugars
  • Sweetened with Honey for sustainable Low GI energy
  • Provides sodium, magnesium and potassium, along with other trace elements through Himalayan Rock Salt
  • No Soy, Dairy or Gluten


  • Replenishes electrolytes
  • Real food ingredients allow for optimum nutrient absorption
  • Helps to prevent & counteract dehydration during exercise
  • Sustainable energy source
  • Reduced risk of cramping
  • Reduced risk of stomach issues


What Is The Recommended Serving Size?

35g (one scoop)

How do I use this product?

This product has been designed to a ratio 35g to 600ml of filtered water or 600ml of coconut water. Coconut water delivers an increase of electrolytes and gives a nice sweetness to your made up drink. Preparation is key and we recommend you make up your nutrition at least 2 hours before use, this will ensure complete dissolving of mixture.

Endurance Instructions:

Naturalyte is extremely effective as a whole food electrolyte for training and events. Simply add 1 scoop (35g) to 600ml of water or 600ml coconut water for each hour of exercise.

What are the Ingredients of this product?

Lemon Powder, Lime Powder, Honey Powder, Himalayan Rock Salt, Orange Powder, Schizandra Berry Powder