Best of the best!

I've tried the naturalyte, naturafuel, moringa and purple kale. All of the products have surpassed my expectations. My partner and I use the naturalyte almost every day to assist exercise recovery and energy. For our longer bouts we've been loving the naturafuel. Neither of us have had any stomach issues as we often would with our "usual" gels and electrolytes. We are also using the moringa and purple kale most days in our smoothies and absolutely love the flavours and textures. Temple Nutrition also gave us trial packs of three protein powders which were all smooth and delicious (choc, choc orange ans banana), as well as energy bar samples. I inhaled those - so delicious!! Thanks guys, can't wait for my next order!

- Kimberly R. - QLD


Have just cycled part way home from atec (goulburn-canberra) and have mixed up my revive with regular cow's milk. Yum!! This stuff is awesome. Thanks for my complimentary sampler. Looking forward to receiving my ordered products too!

- Anna G. - ACT

Probably the best protein source for your body. Knowing that i'm fuelling myself with real food makes it that much better!

- David R. - QLD

Fantastic protein! Really good on coconut milk, TIP TOP! Also good with almond milk or a mix! The Pea Protein with stevia sweetener is awesome!

- Geoff R. - VIC

First sports product that I don't get any gut issues from. Its nice to see that the ingredients list is small and i'm able to recognise every ingredient. Top Stuff!!

- George R. - NSW

On the mend with your Rebuild Pea & Rice protein Choc Cacao, it's like chocolate milk for your muscles...winning! I've been using this for the past couple of days consistently, cacao has anti inflammatory properties along with amino acids to help the repair. It's on my 'order more list'.. personally I LOVE IT.

- Sarah P. - QLD

These are the products I have been looking for. Great taste and fantastic to know all the products used are natural and that you are a local company.
I found your products so much better than all the sugary alternatives out there. I have been half marathon training and the Naturalyte was fantastic, I felt well hydrated. I will definitely be ordering some more of everything.

- Rebecca D. - QLD

I was very excited when your company Temple Nutrition popped up on my Facebook feed. Being a vegetarian and a triathlete, it's very difficult to find good clean protein powders that are available from Australia, to supplement my protein intake. The Rebuild pea and rice protein powder makes a tasty breakfast mixed with chia seeds, coconut milk and manuka honey. Ideal after my morning training. And after a long run, I have the chocolate Revive powder as a yummy chocolate milkshake mixed with coconut milk. Neither caused any nasty digestive problems or weight gain. I have also just started using the beetroot powder, in small shots, before my training and I think I can notice an increase in my energy levels, which will hopefully improve with long term use.

Sue P. - QLD

After years of doing ultra distance sports my guts had been destroyed by constant consumption of corn syrup based energy bars and shots.  After completing an ultra race last year on this energy source I developed irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).  It took six months of treatment to sort.  Now I use Temple Nutrition solely and have not looked back.  These products provide you with the same energy supplies but they are soft on your insides.  I never thought there was such a product out there.  I don't want IBS again and will therefore stay on this quality product in all my upcoming ultra events which include some long swims such as the English Channel.  On Temple Nutrition I have a better chance of making it and I know my stomach and bowel will be fine.

My conquests will be three long swims of Catalina straits, Manhattan Island and English Channel ... all on Temple!

- Rod S. (AKA SHREK) - NSW

I trialled the Naturafuel for the first time today while running and it was great! Never had such a comfortable long run without any gut issues ever!!

- Stacey R. - QLD

After many years of running and buying electrolytes from the supermarket I was more and more concerned of the added sugars and preservatives these products abundantly contained. What was the point of running 50 km a week and then gulping down this stuff? I have almost eliminated sugar from my day to day diet why should I put up with these products?
I finally found Naturalyte from Temple Nutrition. No added sugars, no preservatives! These are the electrolytes I have been looking for ages. Thanks

- Marco S. - NSW

On Sunday just passed I ran my first Ultra Marathon 50km Marysville which included 1900m of elevation. I've been using your Revive and Rebuild and feel like my recovery is coming along nicely. I plan on buying a further order very soon, Thanks again.

- Shaun M. - VIC

As a chiropractor for the past 10 years and a 6 time ironman finisher, I firmly believe that true health comes from the inside out. Our body is capable of amazing things especially if we can balance the five spokes in the wheel of health including a clear nervous system, moving the body the right way, fueling your system, good positive thoughts and adequate rest. Temple nutrition does a great job of providing a natural & healthy way to fuel your body when you are trying to get the most out of it. Weather or not it is for every day use or for diet supplementation in high volume training for an ironman, Temple nutrition works!

The banana & honey revive is delicious while the naturalyte is a brilliant way to get
necessary nutrients back into your body. Our onsite Nutritionist from Food Defined agrees, Temple nutrition helps to take care of your most valuable asset- your own health!!!

- James Staciwa M. Chiropract, B. Chiro Sci. - NSW